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Our Tribe

At Integrative Yoga Therapy, we are proud to call some of the most talented and experienced leaders in yoga members of our team. They are fully committed to creating the welcoming, encouraging environment that our yoga studio is known for.

April Titus

RYT 200

April is a dedicated mother and  mental health professional. While in graduate school April felt called to go deeper with yoga and work towards integrating somatic healing with talk therapy. April completed her 200 hr training in 2021 at Surya yoga studio in Simpsonville, SC. She specializes in trauma informed care and healing through reuniting the mind, body, and spirit. She offers love, empathy, and a nonjudgmental space. 
In her free time, April can be found learning, enjoying simple pleasures, and making new memories with her 3 children.


Beth Ashley

E-RYT 200, YU-QP3, Owner

Beth started practicing yoga at Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2014. Beth enjoys the mindfulness and strength that yoga brings to her mind and body. She completed 200-hr teacher training at IYT in 2016.  She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Beth is a certified Curvy Yoga and Yoga for Amputees instructor and brings modifications into her teaching style to make body types of all shapes and sizes feel welcome. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner. When she isn't teaching yoga or interacting with students at the front desk, Beth might be found gardening or playing with her dogs and goats. She has a certificate and professional experience in plant-based nutrition. She is a native of upstate South Carolina and currently resides in Pickens.

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Cherise Wilson

RYT 200

Cherise specializes in play and fun, coming from a background working in all things related to games. She began taking yoga classes as a fun way to relieve stress in 2015, and returned in 2020 to begin her training as a certified instructor through the IYT 200 Hour program. Down to try anything twice, Cherise enjoys all types of ways to practice yoga, including just about any mat class, but she finds the most joy in the swing. While quiet and stillness are important aspects of yoga, Cherise's classes strive to bring an atmosphere of fun and levity to her student's practice. Cherise enjoys playing games, creating art and making music.


Erin Nutz

Yoga Instructor

Erin is a YogaFit instructor with 19 years experience teaching vinyasa and senior yoga. She looks forward to using her new aerial training to teach at Integrative Yoga Therapy! She is married to husband Hans and is mom to 3 kids. Erin's family loves to camp, hike, kayak or pretty much anything outdoors! She is an interior designer and the owner of Circa Makers & Merchants on Main St. Easley.


Kerry McKenzie

Yoga Instructor

Kerry has dedicated her entire life to teaching others how to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits. She is a Certified Health Coach, a certified yoga teacher, certified Ayurveda Therapist and specializes in early childhood motor development. In her "day job" at Greenville Children's Hospital she teaches and inspires families and communities to choose healthier lifestyle choices. Her classes and workshops are led with compassion, strength and a warm heart. Kerry has not only acquired many years practicing yoga, but an extensive background in the field of healing arts which has helped her get through many physical and emotional challenges in her own life.

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Lee Edwards

RYT 200

Lee came to yoga in an effort to relieve stress and anxiety during graduate school. She found the mindfulness and focus of yoga practice gave her a new perspective as she prepared for the difficulties of balancing classes, research, and her job. Lee is drawn to the grounding effects of her yoga practice and the safe space yoga gives her to shut out the world a few times during the week.
In 2018, Lee completed yoga teacher training at Integrative Yoga Therapy and is excited to provide that same space she finds so necessary for peaceful introspection and rejuvenation for her students each week.
If Lee isn’t at IYT, she’s probably teaching freshman biology at Greenville Technical College or is outside in the woods, mountain biking, running, or playing in a creek with her hubby and their dog, Jessi.


Linda Drozda

RYT 200

Linda retired and moved from the Pocono Mountains in PA to the SC mountains in 2020. Always having a home practice because of her busy life before, she was happy to find the family at IYT. Starting her new journey in her second act in life, she completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2021. Linda’s goal is to give her students the same peace that she found from yoga whatever the type of class it is. She loves the mountains and everything in nature. If she’s not in yoga class you’ll find her hiking, gardening, or reading on her porch.


Paula Barlow

Intuitive Healer, Sacred Sound Medicine

Paula is a Master of Intuitive Healing and Sacred Sound Medicine. She identifies negative perspectives and guides others in clearing and releasing the trapped emotions stored in their bodies by using the healing beats of the drum. Through her journey of healing and discovery in finding her self and learning self love she was guided to the drums. Sharing her gifts and passion with others to discover their own healing journey has become her life’s purpose so that others can awaken and heal.

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Susan Cannon

E-RYT 200

Susan Lorraine Cannon, NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Holistic Aromatherapist

  • Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200

  • Regional Director, South Carolina, and Tennessee, for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy ( which is a 501(3)C educational, non-profit organization.

  • Registered Aromatherapist (Aromatherapy Registration Council) in 2011 (2011 - 2016)

  • Essential oil Classes and workshops the use of essential oils (the modality of aromatherapy) to community groups, studios, healthcare systems, etc. Each workshop is ideal for the beginner to learn how to use essential oils effectively, safely, and sustainably. Study, practice and teach a variety of mind body modalities and advocate an individualized, self-care practice that includes a variety of tools.

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Suzanne Jones

RYT 200

Suzanne transitioned from a home practice to one at IYT in 2014. She loves all forms of Yoga, but Aerial yoga has come to be her passion. After months of daily practice, Suzanne completed IYT’s Aerial teacher training and began teaching in 2015. She is excited to continue her training, as she pursues her 200-hr teacher training in 2016. When she’s not on her yoga mat, Suzanne loves to spend time with her husband, their children and grandchildren. You can often find Suzanne in her garden or on the lake.


Zach Peterson

RYT 200

Zachariah’s journey in health and wellness began in 2003 when he earned his black belt in Kuk Sool Won (a South Korean martial art). His interests since have included Tai-chi, Qigong, and Yoga. As a recent RYT-200 graduate, his current approach to teaching is that of a generalist: “yoga is for every body.” A designer by trade, his other hobbies include botany, photography, and time in nature. You may find him at IYT taking classes with his wife, Cherise Wilson!


Vanessa Bonet

RYT 200

Vanessa Bonet is a former Social Worker in the state of Florida with several years of experience in the field of health care, helping families dealing with medical situations and systems of care. She also worked with vulnerable communities in different neighborhood programs to help improve their quality of life and create change. Her personal and empowering approach to finding wellness led her to create a home-based business that supports self-care for private clients.

She is the owner of Moon Goddess Yoga, LLC and an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Certified, and Vibrational Sound Healer who specializes in the restorative healing power of working with the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Meet Our Tribe: Our Team
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